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In Progress – Hugs & Kisses on the Grand Canal Quilt

This quilt is the same two blocks over and over, so there will be quite a bit of chain piecing. I started on the half square triangles today. I matched up the 224 patterned squares with the 224 white squares and sewed all the seams. It turned out to be quite a pile!


I clipped the threads holding the long chains of HSTs together and ended up with a lovely stack of squares all ready to be cut apart, pressed, and trimmed to size. I’m hoping to get started on that tomorrow.


6 thoughts on “In Progress – Hugs & Kisses on the Grand Canal Quilt

  1. That photo of the stack of squares is so pretty! I would find it hard to take it apart. 🙂
    Isn’t it fun to chain piece so many and then all of a sudden you have so much done and you can start to see what your quilt is going to become?

  2. Just how long will I admire that second photo? Lol! I think Kate Spain has that effect…you want to take pictures all along the way, cuz each step and stack is just so darn pretty!!! I probably have more pic of my Honey Honey quilt than any other, lol!! Have fun!!

  3. Wow, that’s a lovely stack of goodness! I need to check to see if you’ve done more since then. Your Juki looks so fresh and clean. =)

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