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In Progress – Minecraft Quilt – Top Almost Complete

I managed to carve out a couple of hours to get this top mostly put together yesterday! All I have left is putting on the borders. My daughter loves it already. 🙂

Minecraft Quilt - Top Almost Complete

Kelli over at That Looks Like It Needs Stitches posted a picture of an Ender Dragon that her son drew up. My daughter saw it and demanded that I make it for her quilt too. 😀 I’ve made a very preliminary pattern in my cross stitch design software. I need to figure out the best way to piece it and then I’m going to make a pieced back. Should be fun…or something. 😀

10 thoughts on “In Progress – Minecraft Quilt – Top Almost Complete

  1. Awesome blog Laurel! I love your header image!!! And all of your colors work lovely together!!! Looks like everything is in order 👍👍👍. Did you purchase your domain name? I’ve been thinking about it.

    1. Thanks so much for taking a look, Amanda! I bought this domain name not too long after I started quilting in 2014 because I knew I wanted to document my quilts somehow. 🙂

  2. Super fun quilt! I had no idea what minecraft was until I made a pixelated super hero quilt and people kept saying that it looked like minecraft. I love that your daughters name is on the quilt, too!

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