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In Progress – Farm Girl Vintage 2 Sampler Quilt

Anyone who has been to my blog for more than 10 seconds knows that I love everything Lori Holt does. 😂 As soon as the Farm Girl Vintage 2 book was announced, I preordered it. I’m participating in the Sampler Quilt Sew Along on Lori’s blog. We’re making all the blocks in the book, some in the 12 inch size and some in the 6 inch size to be put together to look like the cover image on the book:

So far, I’ve made 27 of the 50 required blocks. Lori’s cover quilt has a few duplicates, but I’m going to pull some blocks from the original Farm Girl Vintage book to use instead. These are so fun to make! ❤️

Here are my blocks so far:

Row 1: Autumn Pumpkin, Baked With Love, Barn Cat
Row 2: Bright Zinnia, Busy Beehive, Cheerful Tulips
Row 3: Cold Watermelon, Corn & Tomatoes 2, Cross Stitch

Row 1: Curious Crow, Daddy’s Tractor, Evening Star
Row 2: Fall Harvest, Farm Girl Boots, Farm to Table
Row 3: Friendly Goat, Grandma’s Crochet, Grandpa’s Truck

Row 1: Hand Mixer, Happy Flowers, Happy Horse
Row 2: Honey Bee, Lazy Daisy, Little Acorn
Row 3: Mama’s Applique, Mama’s Apron, Maple Leaf

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