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In Progress – Bee Happy Quilt

I’ve been busy as a bee on this quilt! It’s the Bee Happy Quilt by Lori Holt using her newest Bee Basics & Bee Backgrounds lines. The pattern is a free download from Riley Blake Designs’ website. Each week, Lori posts great photos of her block construction and tips for making yours as cute as hers. I wasn’t so sure about doing the embroidery on this one, but I’m glad I went ahead and tried it. It doesn’t take very long to do and it really is a great detail on these blocks.

Brace yourself! Many, many pictures ahead! 🙂

Finished cutting the interfacing for the appliqué:

One of many days of cutting. There was a TON of cutting to do for this quilt. I’m glad I did it all beforehand, so I could just pick the bag of pieces I needed and sew:

The last page of the cutting instructions, finally:

First block complete:

Pinwheel blocks:

Cherry blocks:

One of my bee blocks:

Tulip block:

Two Trees block:

Sunshine block:

Blue Flowers block:

First row complete:

Truck & Trailer block:

Flower, fruit, & thermos blocks ready for appliqué:

Flower, fruit, & thermos blocks complete:

Rows one & two complete:

Rows one thru three complete:

Three Flowers block:

Beehive block:

Hexies for borders:

Rows one thru four complete:

Pincushion block:

I’m almost done with the blocks for this one and then it will be on to the borders. I can’t wait to see this one quilted and complete! 🙂

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