Quilts by Laurel Giveaway!!

It’s giveaway time!! Click back over to Friday’s post to see the prizes!!

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19 thoughts on “Quilts by Laurel Giveaway!!

  1. I am working on a king size quilt for my 6’4 foot tall son, one more row to go, I’m designing it myself and I have to appliqué the Eiffel towel on a scrappy quilt for my granddaughter

  2. I’m not working on any Christmas projects yet but I have a short list I’d like to get done…so I better get started!!! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!!

  3. I started out strong at the beginning of the year! I’m now resigned to the fact that my plans were too elaborate. Gift cards it is. Sigh! But on a good note – I’m ahead for 2017!

  4. I have already made 5 quilts (all queen sized) and working on at least 3 more to be given as Christmas gifts for this year.

  5. Thank so for the giveaway chance! I have NOT started any Christmas projects except a few ornaments for my kids and nieces/ nephew. Way behind!

  6. I havent started Christmas stuff yet. Yikes. Doing a few customer quilts on the long arm, and figuring out a couple other projects. Too many things to do. Nice give away.

  7. Fingers crossed! I’m working on the Cozy Christmas quilt and the tree quilt by Anka’s Treasures in Angles with Ease 2

  8. What an awesome blog and great giveaway! I have always wanted to make a hexi project you have inspired me to start. After I finish my Lori Holt Christmas Quilt 🙂 Hopefully before Christmas!

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